Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My FIRST time

As I walked out of my hotel room, I noticed that at the end of the corridor two small stands beautifully decorated with mini water fountains and mini calla lilies. "Why is the room decorated as such?", I wondered to myself. As I walked near the room, I noticed the door decorated with strings of beaded seashells. Hmmm.... what is this room for? A sweet aroma flows out from the room. In a glance I saw the inside of the room. It is dimly lighted with wall lightings at each corner of the room. There are decorated sofas in it and a couple was chatting away while watching the television. As I had to go somewhere else, I did not linger around to further check out the room. But my mind wonders about the room. Maybe I'll check it out tonite.

I told her about the room and she too was curious about it. We planned to check it out after supper. After supper, we changed to our casual clothings, me in my shorts and she chose to wear her T-shirt. We walked towards the room and the sweet aroma caught my attention. It is a different aroma from the evening aroma. The Calla Lilies are still there. We were quite nervous as to what we will find out about the room but we are willing to take the risks. I pushed the beaded strings of seashells and saw the couple still in the room. But this time, there is another man together with them.

We walked into the room. Immediately the couple and the man stood up and looked at us. They smiled and after a brief introduction, asked us to be seated. The couple then went inside another room and both came out with a tray of lotions and towel. The man asked us to relax and put our legs out on the cushion stools which we did. What happened after that was indescribable. The lotions were poured on my skin and with skillful hands the ordeal began. It was so nice to be massaged with lotion but most of the time it was painful.

Ahhh....my first reflexology session.

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