Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time to go Shopping

One of my favourite pastime is to go out with my wife. It is not so much of the places that we went to but more so of the companionship with her that I enjoyed. No, personally I don't like to go shopping. I only go shopping when there are things that needs to be bought. Or I really got nothing to do and really bored with what I am doing at that time, then only would I consider going shopping.

I prefers to stay at home and if possible do all my shopping at home. Yes, shop online. If I can do most of my banking via online, now I can do my shopping too via online. That's the convenience of having internet and a computer at home. Just check out and you can find most of the things you want to buy there.

Shopping online is now much easier. You can compare the prices from various retailers without the need to physically be at the various retailers. You can find various products like XBox+360, women's clothings, electrical items and much more. You can even find motorcycles parts. I've been thinking of getting myself a leather jacket. Hmm...I need to check out my paypal account first.

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