Sunday, May 18, 2008

Choose correctly

When you car broke down you know you need to find a good mechanic to repair your car. And a good mechanic would recommend to you to buy the original spare parts of the specific car model. If you own a Ford Taurus and the radiator need to be replaced, then you need to find one Taurus Radiator and not just the ordinary radiator. However, if you are not so concerned about original parts, you still need to find a good and certified Ford radiator OEM style. And not every time you need to use the original spare parts. If your car is as old as my old junk, using OEM parts is still acceptable. My old Datsun car radiator had to be replaced and the mechanic simply installed an expensive branded radiator without my knowledge. Imagine a branded and good quality radiator in an old junk. It just looks funny and not making sense. Anyway, if you need to find good radiator, check out

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