Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time passes by

Time passes by nowadays. More like time flies by. It's been 7 years since the day I said "I do" to my lovely beautiful wife. It was a memorable wedding ceremony where my wife uses the float on the swimming pool as she "walked" to the wedding altar. Seven years flew and I am blessed with a more devoted wife and three beautiful children. God has been the focus of our marriage and has blessed us and protected us during our various times of trouble and hardships.

Not many of my things still existed since that day. Most of my clothes are gone. Even my muscular shape body has changed from the V shape to the H shape. I hope it would not going to be the pear shape. Hehehe...must do something about that. Even my watches does not last. I do not even remember how many watches that I have used since I got married. No, it has nothing to do with my wife. It is just the watches are not of good quality and not suitable for a sport person like me.

Maybe I could recommend my wife to get for me fp journe watches for my birthday. There are beautiful and creative designs of FP Journe watches that caught my eyes. It sure looks stylish and suitable when I have to meet with other businessman. That reminds me that I would be meeting about 40 delegates from Penang who would be visiting my cybercafe shop this coming Friday. I wonder whether the watch that I am using now is suitable for the occasion or should I get a new one.

I tried to find any ladies fp journe sport watches but to no avail. There are diamond decorated watches although not from the same designer that are really beautiful but that is really beyond my means. I am sure my wife would love it as our 7th year Wedding Anniversary gift to her but that would have to wait. Maybe we will wait for another 7 years before we could afford it.

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