Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tiara Beach Resort for holiday

Went to Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson for a holiday break. Just the family and MIL. About an hour drive from home. It was a hot day. The day earlier, I wasn't so sure whether I could make it for this trip. Had headache and feeling like vomiting while at work. Thank God by Sunday morning my body got better and able to attend church service. So off we went to Tiara Beach Resort reaching there at 3.30pm.

Don't let the name deceives you. The Resort is not situated at the beach. However, that does not stop them from creating a man made beach within their compound. To their credit, their man made beach is very nice. The water is clean and clear. Very suitable for the children to enjoy themselves. The only setback is the water slides are not properly aligned. It is not smooth and all the children and adults seems to have difficulties sliding down the slides uninterruptedly.

The rooms are quite nice and clean. However, for a non-airconditioner lover like me, sleeping in the room with the air-conditioner switched on (without any means of controlling the temperature) is not a nice experience. Switching off the air-cond would meant sleeping in a non ventilated room unless I want to invite the mosquitoes in by opening the window. Thank God it is only for a night.

Oh ya, we didn't get to eat buffet breakfast but had to order ala-carte breakfast. Quite disappointed about that. Though I am not a heavy breakfast eater, I would still want to enjoy my breakfast especially when I am on holiday and already paid for it. The service was quite slow. Even the family that sat near us also complained to me about the slow service.

Overall, the children enjoyed themselves. That's the most important thing as this is to celebrate Annabelle's birthday.

Would I want to go there again? Maybe yes, only if I go there in a big group. Reason being the resort have lots of facilities for group activities. And hopefully by then they would have done something about the water slides.

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