Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Car repair costly lah

The red car had to be sent for repair. There is some problem with the water tank and wifey had to fill it up everyday. So we decided to send it to the workshop. Went there and we were told that the servicing charge is only RM60. Well, good and fine, so we left the car and went back. Then there is call from the workshop saying that we need to change the water tank and this would cost us RM450 inclusive of the servicing charges. What can we do except to agree to it. After bargaining, the shop agreed to lower it to RM420. Much to our surprise, we received another call once the water tank is changed. It seems that there is an additional cost as the water tank cover has to be paid separately. That is an additional RM25. We felt cheated but helpless too. Wifey did online search and found out that some water tank models does not come together with the cover. That gives the benefit of the doubt to the shop. Anyway, I don't think I want to send my car to the shop in the future. Will try out other shops.

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