Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What do you want to watch?

A friend of mine sent an email with various links on the politicians of this country. These are video clips links that are uploaded in YouTube. Very seldom I watched this country's politicians in actions. What I saw is indeed worrisome and unbecoming of a nation's leader. As much as there is progress in the country under the current government, some of the leaders conduct shows lack of integrity, self-control and humility.

I guess there are many things that can be seen in YouTube. If you want to watch the negative aspects of a leader, there are plenty of video clips on that. Even if you want to watch Las Vegas Shows you can even find it online. It may not be as good as experiencing it yourself at Sin City but my point is that you can find it online. So what do you want to watch. Be careful as what you watch will have an effect on you. Choose carefully.

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