Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In a world where beauty is perceived as one of the most valuable assets a girl can have, we find that many are drawn and trapped in unrealistic expectations of others. Indeed, we find many girls struggle with this unnecessary and unrealistic expectations to be beautiful. And Penelope is one of them. Born into a rich family where life should be great and without worries, she has to find her true self. Literally cursed with the Wilhern spell, she has a hideous nose that she has to bear with. The good news is that the curse can be broken, only if she finds love. The viewers are taken into her life's journey to find the true meaning of love and life.

I guess each one of us can identify with Penelope. There are many things about ourselves that we may not like. We have to struggle with our "hideousness" and hopefully, like Penelope, we too can find peace with it. This movie would be a great movie to watch. Bring your daughters to watch it if you can (it is showing beginning Feb 29th) and use it a good opportunity to teach them the true meaning of beauty.

If you want to know more about Penelope before watching the movie, check out this link.

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