Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CNY celebrations

Chinese New Year is here. Getting wishes from friends through SMS and emails. No longer the actual CNY cards received but mostly through the Net. Well, looks like times are changing and the ways to greet friends also changes. Not that I mind not having the actual CNY cards as most of it would be in the rubbish bin within a week. It is just that receiving CNY greetings through the Net is even a waste of effort for all the senders. Only and only if I know that there would be personal words of greetings, then only I would be bothered to open it. If I know it is only a forwarded CNY greetings, then it is deleted immediately.

Talking about CNY celebrations, I am not so sure how the celebrations would be like this year. Of course there would be the red colored packets or Ang Pau that would be changing hands between the parents. I recalled that there was one year, I received not red colored but gold colored packets. There is no gold inside it, just the same expected amount of money. I do hope however that this CNY would be an enjoyable and less tiring event.

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