Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wear and tear

I wonder whether I should apply for a Call Center VoIP Phone Systems for my business. There are some customers especially the foreign workers who wants to chat with their family members in their country. Well, of course they can use Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger and chat with anyone who is online but there a problem to it. Most of my headphone are without microphone. The microphone parts are either broken or no longer working. The boys who play games would turn and twist the microphone until it is broken. This is vandalism but it is quite hard to monitor as it is done while we are not watching. So, I have just to consider it as part of wear and tear of the products.

I am getting a new batch of headphone, maybe with a separate microphone to avoid the same problems. I might consider VoIP Phone Systems if the needs for overseas calls are high. I might even generate some income from it.

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