Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eyes getting better

Wifey wanted to change a new spectacles as she thinks that her current spectacles is no longer suitable for her eyes. So, we drove to an optometrician's shop at Ayer Keroh. By the time we reached the shop, it is already 8.26pm and it is closing. So, we drove back and along the way, wifey saw an optical shop having promotions. The shop is at Melaka Baru. So we stop by and had our eyes checked. I too need a new spectacles as my current one is over 3 years old and one of the glasses has a small crack.

Upon examining our eyes, it was discovered that my eyes are getting better. Previously the spectacle power is 1.25 for each eyes. Now, it has dropped to 1.00 each. Furthermore, there is no more astigmatism on my left eye. That is indeed good news.

Wifey eyes are still good and there's no increase to the spectacle's power. So, she bought a new spectacle, trendy look, for back-up. Quite expensive lah the price of spectacles nowadays, RM180 each. Anyway, I will try and make my vision better this year.

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