Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Does it matter?

Before I ordered the T-Shirt, I inquired from my staff about the colors of the T-Shirt. He likes light blue while I prefers bright orange color. Thought of having 2 different colors but when I arrived at the T-Shirt shop, there seems that there is not many options available. Furthermore, the lady in charge seems a bit reluctant to do "extra" effort since the price has been reduced to RM28 a piece.

Since that is the situation at the shop, I just choose one color for the T-Shirt. It would be bright orange. It is a colour which symbolizes energy, zest, enthusiasm and creativity. One who wears orange is known to be someone who loves to experiment. The colour orange signifies an open-minded approach. It gives vibes of friendship, fun and informality. Hahaha....not that I or my staff do have all these qualities but hopefully in due time some of these qualities will shine out.

So, I does matter which color to chose.

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