Friday, February 01, 2008

Crisis of beliefs - Part two

It took me a few weeks last December in this crisis of beliefs. My beliefs that God can provide for me and that God wants me to obey Him was put to the fire. How can I say the God can provide when carnally I trusted on the Sunday sales. How can I show to God that I am willing to obey His commands when I continued to work on Sundays and not having a day of rest for me and the business. It is indeed a time of crisis of beliefs.

At last, I know that I can do nothing else but to obey. The God who has been there for me in the past will always be there for me now and in the future. He convicted my spirit and faith that if I obey His commands (which actually for my own good), then He would take care of my needs. At times, things may look bad but I know who hold my future. He wants the best for me so whatever happens it would be for my own good.

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