Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Promotion Month

God has been great. Or in my circumstances, the better phrase is that God has been faithful. Faithful to his promises that is written in His Word. As He led me to take that step of faith, He has been faithful to His promises to look after the business. It has been a struggle for me to consider closing the shop on Sundays as Sundays are normally the biggest earners. Anyway, I am glad that I have chosen to trust Him rather than the ways of the world.

I know that I need and can do more to promote the business. As such, starting with the month of February, various steps have been taken and will be taken to promote the business. At this moment, promotion leaflets would be printed out and distributed to the various residential areas. And to do this, I would have to pay someone to do the distribution. The Program E-Melaka would also be promoted and prayerfully this would be a source of additional income for Andy and the business. May more and more customers get to know about our services and flock in to use it.

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