Friday, February 22, 2008

Extra income

Andy requested for his EPF deductions recently. He has been working for me for about 4 months now. Last year it was on a part time basis but changed to being a full time staff beginning this year. It is great to have him as I really need to have someone that I can trust to handle the money. It is problematic to have staffs that are not honest or sincere in their work.

Anyway, I told him that there need to be some changes in the salary if he wants the EPF deduction. This is due that I can only afford to pay him a certain amount for his salary. The business has yet to yield the targeted monthly income and as such it is very difficult for me to pay more. I am trying my best to minimize cost.

Having said all that, I truly believes that God knows what is needed, both by Andy and myself. Am praying that He will release His blessings upon the business that it will provide not only sufficient amount but abundantly. If not, then maybe Andy and I have to look for other jobs for more income. Maybe I will look for any spa jobs so that I enjoy the spa after my working hour. But then can a guy be accepted to work in the spa?

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