Monday, January 22, 2007

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

My wife always complains that I drive recklessly. I don't agree with her, I only drive daringly. hahahaha. But now, with a family to take care that includes my 3 beautiful children, I think of safety first when driving. Do not want them to be without a father. And as a father, from young I will tell my children about road safety. Never too early to learn.

GEICO with the American Moving and Storage Association has added "Teens and Trucks" to its online library of safe driving materials for teen drivers which includes valuable information for teens on how to safely share the highway with large trucks. Parents and teens are invited to visit their website at GEICO provides the materials at no cost to families, driving classes, law enforcement officials and state agencies. This information is brought to you by's is one of the many car insurance companies online. They offer the ability to shop for car insurance online. As a Businessman I like to request for many quotations for comparison before deciding to make a purchase. As Consumers, we too need to get as many quotes as possible since they are so many insurance companies around. With you can do that and in some states you are able to purchase your insurance instantly, online.

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