Thursday, January 18, 2007

But... it is not my fault.

One of Christ's command that opposes our natural inclinations and is often difficult to obey is asking forgiveness for a small offense from those who have hurt us in much greater ways.

A son who was deeply hurt by his father obeyed this command and asked his father to forgive him for not having a loving attitude toward him. To his surprise his father began to weep and asked his son to forgive him for all the ways he had offended him over the years. Not long after, the father became a Christian.

The son later understood the principle that reconciliation begins with the one who is more spiritual. That is the example that Christ gave to us when He took the initiative to reconcile us to the Father when we were without desire or ability to do so.

God will reward us when He sees in us pure hearts that seek to fully obey Him.

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