Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tchoukball in Malaysia

Went for tchoukball training yesterday morning. Wah.... nice exercise for me. Now my legs are still aching. Today there'll be another training.

What is tchoukball game? Never heard of it before? Well, most probably you won't hear it in Malaysia becoz it is just recently introduced... say about 4 months September 2006.

And in February 2-4, 2007 there will be a Tchoukball Tournament in Singapore. Will be going there with a team from Melaka. We will be the Malaysian Tchoukball team... representing the country. Man.... this will be written in Malaysian Tchoukball history. And I'm one of the team player.... hmmm... the oldest in the team. The rest are like 15-22 years old and me... 34 years old.... playing with them. Wah... suddenly I feel so young.

Truthfully I don't expect the Malaysian team to win lah... but then who knows. *ringing in my mind the song..."We are the champion.."*


Anonymous said...

It's a great sport!

David Bong said...

Yes... it's a great sport. And the principles behind it makes it a wonderful sport.