Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ladies... full of ladies... wahhhh...

when I first started the business, one of the objective of the shop is to provide a safe and friendly service for everybody. My targeted customers are foreign workers and the people staying nearby the shop. During the first 2 months, the gamers came and they provide the income. Most of them are boys. One of my desire is to see more girls come and use the internet. So the lighting and setting was set to be well lighted... don't want to scare the people. The idea is that if outside people see that girls are also using the internet at my shop, they know that the shop is a safe place to be in. We even pray that more girls will come to the shop.

Today, for the first time, I noticed that there are about 10 girls are using the computers. No other guys except me. Straight away the alarm bell rings. Dangerous for me... (oops perasan betul lah gua ni). But then I realized that God has answered that prayer. Nowadays there are quite a number of girls coming to use the internet at the shop. Lord, continue to protect the shop and the customers from any untoward incidents.

And thank you for answering our prayers.

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