Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crying out... LOUD

been reading for the past few days about the kings of Judah and kings of Israel. How different these two kingdoms in following God. Many times it was stated that when the king cried out to God in their times of needs, God brings deliverance against their enemies.

And that's what I did today. I'm in a situation that does not enable me to be a blessing financially to others. Business is still slow with daily income not as I hope it would be. Not enough to pay back the capital, what more my own expected salary. But praise God that it is still sufficient to pay the necessary expenses. Furthermore, one of the apartment has been without tenants for a month. MIL and children's expenses added up to the tight financial situation. Cried out to God while carrying Barnabas at the swing. The two girls are sleeping at that time. Prayed the Jabez prayer.

Then amazingly, after I sent the children to MIL and on the way back, I received a call from one Richard asking about the M's apartment. He wants to see the apartment and asked me to go there asap because he has to go to KL one and half hour later. So, quickly changed, went to M's factory to get the apartment keys and ride as fast possible to BBeruang. Amazingly also all the traffic lights are green except one (waited for about 10 seconds only). God is indeed good. Went there and as I reached the apartment Richard phoned me again. Showed him the aparment. He's from Botswana. And God is good. He sent a group of Middle East students who are also looking for apartment for rent. They came to the apartment and asked whether the apartment is for rent. This further cause Richard to "confirm" renting the apartment. Praise God for that.
Hopefully the transaction will be completed this Friday.

God hears us when we cried out to Him. Sometimes when my children cry softly, I don't bother about them. But when they really cried out LOUD, I will rush to see what happened and attend to them. I believes that there is a booklet called The Power of Crying Out.

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Leishia J said...

praise God!!! continue to trust in Him and He'll deliver! Amen!

btw, my blog is no longer pivoting caffeinated cadence lah! boo.