Saturday, June 16, 2007

Don't Colour on Daddy's Offer Letter

Having a 4 years old daughter that loves colouring almost cause me a heart attack. Recently, I got this tender from the government to give basic computer class to the public. I brought home the offer letter and kept it in an unlocked drawer. The next day, I couldn't find it. I thought I left it that the shop. When I went there, it was not there either. I panicked!

When home and search the room again. Saw a piece of paper on the floor with drawings. Lo and behold, that's my offer letter! Thank God she only drew on the back page. If not, I do not know what to do coz without the offer letter, I might not get paid by the government!

I found this cool Free Coloring Pages online. Will let her know about it, and let her do her colouring online instead. It is very easy to colour. Your children just need to choose a picture from quite a number of nice children's cartoon and anime, then pick the colours from the pallette and fill. If your children is good with their drawing. They can even upload their own masterpiece and share it with others to colour them.

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