Friday, June 29, 2007

Mother's love & durians

Every time the durian season arrived, mother would always think about her children. She will try to do her best to make sure that her children would get to eat the durians. Sometimes her efforts is really annoying. Some of the things she would ask the children or me to do are as below: -

1. Ask the children to drive back from outstation to eat durian. Her children are staying all the way in Selangor and Perak.

Practically it is not economical to drive all the way from Selangor or Perak to come back and eat a few biji of durian. The cost of toll and petrol itself can buy lots of durian in their respective place. But of course, because of their love for their mother, my brothers and sister tried their best to come back. Also to see their mother. I guess the more important factor would be to see their mother.

2. Ask me to switch on the big freezer to put all the "cracked" durian until any of her children can come back. Somemore, not sure how many days before any of them can come back.

Why can't she just eat the cracked durian first when it dropped? Or let others eat it. Not that there are no more durians on the tree. There are a lot more on the tree. Just keep the good ones lah for the children.
But of course, she is thinking of her children. She wants the children to get the best... i.e. the durians. Not a practical thing to do but it is all for the love of the children.

3. Ask Luke to bring back some of the durians to give to the other children. LOL... who wants to bring the smelly durians all the way from Melaka to Selangor. Can die in the car because of the durian's smell. Some more, Luke has a "new" car, where want to contaminate it with durian smell.

But whatever it is, it just to show that Mom loves her children and is using the durian season indirectly and unconsciously to show love to her children.

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