Friday, June 29, 2007

Durians & mom

The durian trees are now full with durians. But in this case, it is only one durian tree that has lots of fruits this year. The other trees have only a few durians on them. Furthermore the squirrels are back to eat their favorite fruits. So far, they (the squirrels) have eaten more than 5 durians and many more have not been spared from their teeth. Even the sharp "thorns" of the durian tree did not deter the squirrels.

Mom is very angry with the squirrels. Word like "celaka, sial" came out from her to curse the squirrels. Everytime durian seasons is near, the squirrels will be mom's object of cursing. I guess the squirrels must not touch the durians and the rambutans or else be the subject of cursing by mom.

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