Friday, June 29, 2007

Roti John

Went out with wifey last night. As yesterday was my day off and the children slept early at 9.15pm, we decided to go out for supper. Anyway, we actually planned to go out to Jusco but changed our plan as Bro Andrew and family came to the house. Since Annabelle and Clarissa wants to play with their cousins, we canceled our plans and stay at home instead.

So off we went to Batang Tiga. Went to the shopping centre to buy some stuff before proceeding to the food stalls at the beach. Wanted to eat Roti Canai but the shop closed. So we ordered Roti John. Its been ages since the last time I ate Roti John. It is nice but would be nicer if the shop provides the gravy. Then off we went to buy CDs. Wifey watched Mukhsin while I played Mo Siang.

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