Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Survivor

Most of us are pampered and privileged in many ways. Just the fact that we are able to surf the internet and blog about anything shows that we are within the privileged 5% of the world population. The other 95% don't even have internet access or even seen a computer.

What then will happen when you are left alone and stranded without any money or resources in an unknown city? What would you do first? Sounds scary but it can happen. Well, if you ask me, this is what I would do.

Firstly, I would try to remain calm and be cool about the situation. Being panic does not help at all. Of course, believing in the Jesus and His Word is the most important factor of all.

Secondly, I would try and look for a police station, or a hospital within walking distance of where I am. If none are available I would look for a church or any religious worship place. These places normally would agree to help stranded and needy people.

Thirdly, if it were possible to find the nearest Embassy to help with my predicament.

If the second and third option are not available for me, I will try and find the most suitable shelter available for the night and weigh my options the next day.

Well, of course the above are general steps that I will take. Maybe you will have different views and things that you will take into consideration. If you want to know more about how the CIA agent would do in the above situation, check out the USA Network's Burn Notice TV series this coming June 28th. Michael Weston the CIA Operative will show us how and what should be done when faced with the above situation.

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