Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What is your fitness level?

On the 7th of July, there will be a friendly soccer match between RGFC and another football club. It is only about 2 weeks from today and yet I know that my fitness level is not as what it should be. Lack of exercise and sleep are the major factors to my low level of fitness. I do hope that the other players are not as unfit as me or we would definitely lose the game.

Since I cannot go for jogging session because of the busy schedule, I tried to do some martial art exercises. It helps a bit with my fitness level, though not as much as a jogging session. And it definitely a big help when I can check my fitness level at myfitnesspal.com. I can easily find out the amount of calories that I am taking for the day with the calorie counter. I should always eat according the amount of calories needed for my everyday activities. Not to eat too much or too little than what is needed.

You can even check out the amount of calories that you have eaten. Just key in the name of the food you have eaten and number of servings that you have taken, and it will show you the amount of nutritions and carbs for that food. Through this, you can monitor the amount and types of food that you should eat. Easy and beneficial for those who wants to maintain their fitness level or control their diet.

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