Monday, June 25, 2007

Pack my things please.

Personally, I am not the neatest person in the world. And I don't necessarily tidy up the things in my room every morning or everyday. But I definitely do not like things to be messy either. Things should be packed or arranged properly whenever possible.

When I was still a bachelor, tidying up things was never a problem to me. Well, maybe because I do not think about it either. Now that I have 3 children, this is one major issue that I face almost everyday. My children loves to play their toys and do their coloring and writing. And like every other children, packing things and cleaning up after they playing time is not a habit that comes naturally. They had to be asked and instructed, again and again, before they can do it on their own. And with Barnabas who just turned one year old, tidying up after his playtime has to be done by me.

My wife loves to buy toys for my children. I sometimes just don't see why. Almost every toys that my wife bought for the children will be "outdated" after 2 days. After two days, my children will discard the toys and would not play with it anymore. Then I had to pack the toys in the plastic boxes or the cardboard boxes that we bought specifically to keep the toys. Then after the toys can be declared an antique, my children would then take it out and then play with it again. That also, if my wife did not buy any new stuffs for them.

Well, what it takes, I still have to instill the habit of tidying things up in my children after every activities. But first of all, I myself must learn that habit... sigh..

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Sweetpea said...

ya ya ya.. have to set good example. aidan will leave the living room like a warzone but whenever he sees a flip over on the kitchen mat, he will pull it back nicely to be flat... from me?? :)