Monday, July 02, 2007

Daylight Robbery by Maybank

Many people may have experienced what I experienced but most of them can't do anything. This is not surprising because the ROBBER is the largest bank in Malaysia. Yes, Maybank.

Facts: -

1. June 27, 2007 - I received a call from Maybank Malim Branch officer saying that my current account was short of money. She asked me to bank in RM150.00 to my account before 10.30am. Upon checking my current account online, I found out that the shortage was only about RM78.00. I transfered RM80.00 from my saving account to my current account.

2. June 28, 2007 - I went online to check my current account. I did this to check whether my tenant has banked in the rental money. To my surprise, my account was charged RM50.00 with the code TOD*O. So my account was again in shortage of RM48.33... owing to Maybank.

3. June 30, 2007 - My account was further charged RM5.00 as interest charged for the money RM48.33 owing to Maybank. I think the interest rate charged is much higher than the illegal moneylender. I had to pay RM5.00 interest (3 days after I was so called "owe" RM48.33 to Maybank).

Questions: -

1. What is the purpose of having customer service department when the service is not customer friendly but more of the purpose to get money from the customer? Please provide free or at least reasonable charge for services provided.

2. Can a phone call that is less than 2 minutes cost RM50.00? I think there must be something wrong with Maybank phone charges.

3. Most probably the RM50.00 is the penalty for the shortage. Even if that is the penalty, would the shortage for less than an hour cost RM50.00. This is DAYLIGHT ROBBERY by MAYBANK.

4. Do Maybank knows how to count interest? I think NOT because if Maybank knows how to count interest rate, the interest charged for the RM48.33 owing to them would not amounted to RM5.00 (for only 3 days owing).

What lah... right now I'm really refraining myself from cursing Maybank. I emailed them about this matter and asked Maybank to cancel the TOD and interest charged. Will wait for their response on this matter. If they are not customer friendly, I will just close my bank account with Maybank.


mama bok said...

Wow..! i would say it's worst than daylight robbery..!

msaufong said...

I kena twice before. Even though they know another account of my have enough fund and just need to do online transfer. They also charged me the same! this charges really expensive then AH Loong interest lah..But what can we do? I compaint many times aready, but had no response until today! &*#$^@&#