Thursday, December 27, 2007

He got a new car

My brother came back for a visit last weekend. Wah... to my surprise he bought one second hand car. It is a Honda Civic manufactured in 1995. Yes it is already 12 years old. Though it is "old" but it was well maintained and looks new. If he did not tell me the age of the car, I would have thought it is only about 3 years old car. Seeing the car makes me to consider buying one second-hand car too.

He told me that there are many other similar cars sold by the used cars dealer near his place. I was thinking of searching for one at used cars Austin as I heard the price of the cars are cheap and attractive. My old junks are not up to the tasks of going outstation and this is one big factor in helping us to buy a good used car for our usage. I must wait for a few more months to see how our financial standing is before confirming on buying one.

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