Thursday, December 27, 2007

Retirees and their options

It is interesting to talk to people who have retired from the government service. They have lots of experiences from the long period working with the government. They can tell you many stories, good ones and bad ones about the government system. And for those that retire from big companies, they would have at least acquired some insider knowledge of company. One would expect that these retirees would use their acquired knowledge and be involved in activities that are related to it.

However, most of the retirees that I came across seems to let the acquired knowledge be of no use and prefers to trade in stocks and shares. It seems that playing shares is more interesting to them than to continue doing some kind of “work”. If I were to ask them about iron condor, they might not know what it is. Well, if you use PowerOptions to trade shares, you will know about it. PowerOptions gives you the necessary data for you to invest in stock options. With it you can find, compare, analyze, and make money when you trade on stock options. I am not talking about just a few or a hundred optional stocks that you can find and compare but PowerOptions can sort, filter and analyze almost 3000 optionable stocks and almost 200,000 options online. I am sure if all the retirees uses PowerOptions, they would be going for holidays often with the profits they earn. Or they can learn to dance and even dance in the water like those couples shown in the previous post.

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