Sunday, December 23, 2007

My own business logo

This is something that comes in handy to me at this time. One of my staffs is giving computer lessons to foreign workers for about a month. The foreign workers are working in the factory nearby and they wanted to learn computer knowledge before they go back to their own country. They approached my staff as he is qualified to teach various computer lessons. So far they have gone through 6 – 9 hours of lessons and will be completing their courses by early January 2008.

The students requested that we provide Certificate of Completion for the courses that they are taking. With the additional computer courses to their qualifications, they would have a better chance of securing administrative jobs back in their country. There is a small challenge that we faced as to the logo design of the certificate of completion. I have yet to have my own custom logo design that I can use for the certificate or even for my business letter-head.

My staff did manage to come out with a nice logo design for the certificate. However, there is a website called where I can find Free Logo and Business Card Creator. With the service provided there and for a very low cost, I can create my own business logo that I can use on my business letter-head, certificate and even business card. It’s time for the business to have its own custom-made logo.

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