Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another nightmare

Had another nightmare again. While still sleeping together with Barnabas the nightmare came.
I'm still in campus. Surprisingly, my two best friends in school are with me. There is also another girl, Rina, who always get first in primary school is also with us. In the nightmare, they were busy studying at the secondary school canteen (yes, school canteen but already in campus. I also don't know but it is a nightmare, anything can happen). I look at them and I became very afraid. I didn't study at all and the exam is near. Argggghhhhhhhhhhh.

How on earth can I pass my exams!!!!! Can I get work later on after varsity?????. Fear gripped me.

Then I woke up. Slowly my mind reminds me of reality. I already finished varsity and now has a business to run. PHEWWWWWWW. Thank God.

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