Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is NFL Entry Draft?

I am a sportsman. I am a long distance runner, I am a footballer, I play squash and badminton and I swim. I can say that I am pretty good at all the above mentioned sports. The only game that I have not tried is hockey but I love watching others playing. Can someone tell me what is nhl entry draft? In the website, I saw NFL Entry Draft 2007 and 2007 Top 5 Draft Pick. There are names of teams and players. Hmmm...let me guess. Maybe draft refers to team. No? Let me check the Wikipedia.
A sports draft is the process by which professional sports teams select players not contracted to any team, often from colleges or amateur ranks.
Now I know. hehe. So you hockey fan, check out the website to see which team or players got chosen into the NFL entry draft.

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