Monday, July 09, 2007

Taking care of the children

Wah... not so easy to take care of the children the whole day. Today the first day MIL is away in Kuching. Last night I could only sleep at 3pm because the customers stayed on until 2.15am. Today, had to wake up at 8am because Barnabas is awake by then. Wifey sends the two girls to kindergarten while I had to look after Barnabas. Still sleepy but then had to jaga my boy. By 10am he showed signs of sleepiness. Bathed him and then gave him milk. I thought he could fall asleep all by himself, as he usually does in the evening. Suddenly, I heard him crying. Went inside the room and saw that he vomitted all the milk that he drank. Had to change the bedsheet, pillow and towel. Bathed him again as the vomit is all over his face.

Then he don't want to sleep until about 11am. By 12.30noon, the two girls and the mother came back.

Wah... if this continues on, sure not enough sleep for me.

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mama bok said...

Poor thing..!! hope things gets better ya..!