Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Expanding business.

I been thinking of how to expand the business and making full use of the space in the shop. Well there are so many possibilities and also so many challenges to come with it. I have thought about selling computer hardware and accessories at the front space of the shop. I am also thinking of selling cookies and hot drinks, making it a mini food-cafĂ©. Then there’s the original plan of renting out the front portion of the shop. The main challenges now are lack of capital and time.

Sometimes I wish that Multivend have a business office here. Then I would be able to expand and diversify my business by adding the multivend vending machines in my shop. Since there are youngsters that come to the shop, these vending machines would be of interest to them. Furthermore, these machines are a 100% cash business and can provide up to an 80% profit margin, it would be a boost to the business income.

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