Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Job offer

Yesterday I received a miss call from a lawyer friend. Called him. He told me that his legal firm is desperately in need of LA. He asked me whether I would consider going back to legal practice. Politely I told him that I would prayerfully consider his offer. If I were to accept his offer, I would have to travel outstation every day as the office is in another state. That is really a negative factor to the offer. Furthermore, it would be a litigation work, i.e. going to court. That is also something that I would prefer not to do. Yes, my legal experience is litigation work but at this age, litigation work is not something that I prefer to do.

Today, I received a SMS from my lawyer friend again, asking me to prayerfully consider working for him. Replied to him that I would pray about it. Lord.... ... .. .. .. .. .. . . ...........

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