Thursday, July 26, 2007

What will I do with $1 million? Hmmm

Got this tag from Bokjae about what will I do if I get $1M. Wah.... looks like a lot of money. But I think in reality it can be very little, depending on how you look at it. Anyway, with that little money, I will use it as ....... ... below:

10% as tithe to God
10% as offering to God
20% as funding for missionaries
20% to pay back all my debts & loans
10% to give to my family members in need
20% for my children's savings, education and what's not.
10% for my own usage, getting a new & suitable car, motorbike and what's not.
20% for my insurance, investment, and holidays.
10% for the expansion of my business
20% for.... alahai .. wait... wait, let me count...

oopss... its more than 100% alredi.... hahaha.... so little money lah $1M.

1 comment:

bokjae said...

Hey bro thanks and you are so quick! Glad to have known you this way! Yeah $1 million is actually very little! sigh!