Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ouchh... daddy please help

Brought my three children to play at the compound. They love to walk around the compound. The two girls love to sit on the swings. Barnabas also loves to climb on another low lever swing. However, the things that they do not like are the stony ground and the ants. If it is just the black colored ants that bite them, then it is not so bad. The ants that they dislike most, not just them but me also, is the fire ants. If you ever got the fire ants bites before, you will know how painful it could be. The after-bite of the fire ants is also something that you will dread.

Just this afternoon, my eldest daughter Annabelle got bitten by the fire ants. "Ouch.... daddy, daddy, got ants. Help, help" She started to cry. Told her to move away from the ants. Now there are ants bite marks on her leg.

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