Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mother's medical follow up

Sent Mother to the hospital this morning. The appointment was for 9.00am. Had to bring Barnabas along as MIL is still in Kuching. Upon registration and paying RM5.00, they found her medical report and asked us to wait for our number to be called. I think this is just a procedural blunder that the hospital has made. Mom had been discharged on the last visit. However, it was not recorded in her medical report. As such they called her to come again so that the doctor would make a proper discharge note on her medical report. Such a waste of time and money.

Upon seeing Mother, the doctor just prescribed more vitamins and paracetemol, which is not needed. He also recommended Mom to go see the "tukang urut" in the hospital. But mother does not want to because she to make further appointments for that. After taking the medicines from the pharmacy we went back.

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