Thursday, July 05, 2007

Game and the real life.

Most people think that you are a different person when you play a game, be it online game or any game for that matter. Well, after playing online game for more than a month, I find that that thinking is not 100% true. More often than not, the person's personality and character are shown in the online game. While playing MoSiang online game, I came across many players with different attitudes. At first I was just thinking that maybe it is for fun the player acted in certain ways but the more I am into this game,the more I believed that the real person is portrayed in the game character. His or her attitudes are shown clearly in the game. Well, the same goes for me. What I want my game character to be most likely portrays my real character. I'm sure many who play online game would agree with me.

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Mama BoK said...

I'm sure.. there are lots of resemblance... in the character one has. PB who plays games can attest to it.