Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shops are closing.

No, not my internet cafe shop. Just last week the owner of the handphone shop (two lots beside my shop) came and mentioned to me about his business. He opened his shop a month later than my internet shop. And it has not been a year yet. He told me that business started to be very slow after the Chinese New Year. And he has been holding on to that business, making losses for 5 months already. Even though in the shop he also sells clothes, that too is not making money.

I have suspected that many of the shops there are not making profits, especially the handphone shops. There are so few customers during the daytime nowadays, now that the foreign workers are becoming less and less. One nearby factory has already closed their operation and all the foreign workers were transfered to another state. Many other factories are also minimizing the number of their foreign workers. These contributed to the slow sales of our business. Even my business is affected as the Vietnamese workers who frequently come to my shop have been sent back home. I wonder whether the income would be better if these shop and mine were to put up vendstar vending machines in our premises. Since these vending machines can generate up to 80% profit, it would definitely be of help to our business income. Furthermore there are many children from the nearby residential area that would love to buy from these vending machines.

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