Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dating for the fit

I remembered my youth days and at times wished that I would still have the energy, stamina and strength of my youth. Now that I am already approaching half time of my life, all those seems to slowly depart from me. I know that I must keep myself fit not just for the soccer game that I play every Sunday but also for my health sake. It is a wonderful feeling to know that your body is really fit and full of stamina and strength.

I was a fitness freak when I was young. I would maintain a schedule of exercises that I need to do every week. And I exercised at least 4 times a week. I was what they call one of the buff guys. Just a look at my body and they think that I do weightlifting which I do not. If I know and if I am bold at heart back then I would have tried out the fitness dating. Then I would have met girls who are also fitness freaks. Anyway my wife was also a sports girl and we enjoyed our jogging and running sessions at the beach. Well that is another story in another post.

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