Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fun Fair or Ache Fair

We went to the Fun Fair at Klebang Beach the other day. It is not a big Fun Fair but there was enough stalls to give children and adults a time of fun and excitement. Our first “fun” time was the Ferris Wheels. Since we (wife, 3 children and myself) are their first customers (they just started operating hour when we arrived) the operator let us be in the wheels for more than 10 rounds. I was wondering when it would stop. After we came out, my wife told me that she felt dizzy because of the ride. Belle then complains of stomachache.

So we stopped by at a clinic on the way back. The doctor that saw Annabelle gave a few tips on how to stop the stomachache and diarrhea. That night we bought young coconut water for Annabelle to drink.

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