Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Second to Die

I found something interesting today about insurance policy. I am familiar with Family Insurance or Term Life or Cash Back Life Insurance as I had been briefed about it by my insurance agent. Also, most of us would have been briefed about the Insurance Plans Pros and Cons by our agents. But today, I found a new type of insurance policy. I am not so sure whether it is a new policy but it is definitely new to me. It is called the “second to die life insurance”.

Yes, you read it correctly. Second To Die life insurance policy. What is it about? Briefly, it is similar to universal insurance but this coverage covers two people instead of just one. The benefit will only be paid out until both individuals on the policy have passed away. I think those who does not trust their spouse would prefer this type of insurance policy. Only the heirs would benefit from this policy. So if you think you would want to know more about this, check out Advantagetermlife.com.

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