Thursday, November 08, 2007

UK Manchester

You might have read about Manchester in my previous post. In this post, I would like to share one more place of interest in Manchester. Do you know that there are at least 8 theme parks in Manchester? Yes, that is good news for families going for a vacation in Manchester. One of the theme parks is Gulliver's World.

Gulliver's World is a perfect place for a day of fantasy and fun for the whole family. Attractions include Alice in Wonderland with its Mad Hatter's Tea Party Ride, a Maze of Cards, a water lake ride and a Soft Play Area for small children within the main entrance complex. In Western World the visitor can play cowboys and Indians in the Dodge City Fort, with its sheriff's office, and regular shows held in the Hard Luck Bear Theatre. There are also Circus World, Smuggler’s Wharf, Dinosaur World and Count’s Castle. If you visit the park in this month you might get to watch the Bonfire Night Special with Fireworks Display.

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