Saturday, November 17, 2007

A gift for her

I did something that was way out from my normal self at that time. I just arrived from outstation and my sister asked me out to follow her goes shopping. I agreed as I know that girl is working in one of the shops at the shopping mall. I liked that girl very much. She does not know that I am back at home so I want to surprise her.

When we arrived at the shopping mall, I told my sister that I need to buy a bouquet of flowers. My sister was very surprise. I told her that it is for the girl that I liked. She just smiled. After buying the bouquet of flowers I carry it to the shop where the girl works. Truthfully, I felt awkward carrying a big bouquet of flower in the shopping mall. It seems that all eyes are on me. There is even one girl who jokingly said to me, “Is it for me?” referring to the bouquet of flowers. I think it would not be so awkward if I were to carry a chocolate gift basket.

Anyway, when I reached the shop, the girl that I liked was there. She was so surprise when she saw me. When I presented her the bouquet of flowers, she flushed. There are two other girls in the shop and they just smiled at her. It was nice to see her expression when she received the flower. Shy but very happy.

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