Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Where to go tomorrow?

We were at the beach this evening. We were thinking of letting Annabelle to sit on the horse. She has been asking about it. I guessed it was because she was a bit jealous of her younger sister Clarissa who bravely sat on a horse a few days ago. Since her mommy uploaded the video clip of Clarissa on the horse on the laptop, Clarissa has been watching that video clip again and again. Maybe Annabelle wants her video also on the laptop.

When we reached there, we could not find the horses. So we let the children play with the sand.
“Where can we go for a holiday tomorrow?” my wife asked me.
“I don’t know lah where to go.” I replied her.
“Hah...maybe we can go to Orlando. We can get discount hotel reservations if we book it online.” “Its nice if we are staying in Orlando. There is Disney World and 52 theme parks to visit every time there is a holiday”, she said jokingly.

We went back, still undecided on where to go tomorrow.

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