Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good shots

While we were in Pantai Klebang, my wife took some photo shots of the children. The children were playing with the sand. She also took some pictures of the beach and the sunset. We have one digital camera that is not of the best quality but sufficient for us to capture the precious moments. As it turns out, the pictures were very nice. This is one picture I like as it captured the sunset lights on the beach and the children.

I think maybe it is good that my wife learns to take high definition videos. It is not only to capture the precious moments of our children but also that she can make some income from it. If she had some good high definition video clips she can send to HD Stock Video Library. The video clips can be on sale to the public. And the sale is not just a one time outright sale. The video clips can be sold again and again to different customers. She will be paid 50% of the sale revenue which she will received at the end of every month. So instead of just blogging she can also earn extra income from the good shots.

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