Thursday, November 01, 2007

UK Edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland and the second largest city in Scotland after Glasgow. What to look for when you are in Edinburgh?

Well, Edinburgh is well-known for the annual Edinburgh Festival. It is a collection of official and independent festivals held annually over about four weeks from early August. The most famous of these events are the Edinburgh Fringe (the largest performing arts festival in the world), the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Looks like you have missed the Festival but do look forward for it in 2008.
Well, you can visit Edinburgh at any time of the year. You do not have to worry about Accomodation in Edinburgh. You can stay in any of the Hotels in Edinburgh as there are many Cheap Hotels in Edinburgh.

There are many places that would interest you in Edinburgh. One of it is the Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle is the most famous place in Scotland-a proper castle, with winding stairs, ruined walls, immense ramparts and lots of hiding places for children to enjoy. You can have a superb view of the city all around from the top of the castle. Edinburgh Castle has now really come into its own as a national monument run by Historic Scotland and as the country's most popular tourist attraction. It does become overcrowded in the summer, but remains very good value for money, and a visit here in any weather is unlikely to disappoint.

Another worth mentioning event is the Edinbugh Military Tattoo. You must be there in 2008. It will be the Edinburgh Military Tattoo 50 years of music and spectacle and will be set against the world famous backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. Haizzz... can someone sponsor me and my family to go there in 2008!

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