Saturday, November 17, 2007

ToBi woman or man

Where do you go to find the branded clothes that you are looking for? Most people would go to the boutique and spend hours there to try out the clothes on display. Well, it is more so for the ladies. And sometimes, they might not even buy any if the clothes do not fit their “beautiful, sexy and slim” figure. I think it is more accurate to say that they won’t buy the clothes if the clothes do not make them look “beautiful, sexy and slim”. It is the same for guys too. Clothes are meant to improve our outward appearance. Most importantly it is meant to cover our bodies though this purpose might have been discarded by some.

There is one online website that you can go if you want to find branded clothes. Yes, it is for both women and men. It is called ToBi. I guess the name itself indicated the need for a person “To Be” the woman or man through the clothes he or she is wearing. You can search easily through the many branded clothing that are for sale. Let’s say you want to find Nudie Jeans, you can use the search engine and insert nudie as the keyword. Or if your favorite jeans is Seven For All Mankind, just insert the keyword “seven” you will be shown the pictures of all the jeans for that brand. It is easy. Furthermore, when you place your mouse pointer on the picture, it will show an enlarged picture so that you can view it clearly. Do check it out.

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